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  1. Flaws in staff. Not very helpful and arrogant. Also got a false ban on the rampant discord.:classic_sad:

  2. Hope you get better Fatigue 

  3. I'd say its a great "aim trainer"(Gaming Chair) but don't use it on your main or else it'll get banned. It has a great menu interface and is easy to use. However, I'd like to recommend one thing. It would be neat if would be able to lock on to the neck. Also, if you plan on using it, I would also recommend the spoofer. It will make sure that you can keep on playing even after you've been banned.
  4. It is amazing. Much better than Onyx. Has a great Interface and is easy to use! I'd recommend getting the monthly spoofer. It is a great deal! 🤑
  5. It worked great and was really easy to use. Sadly it was discontinued from sale 😢
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