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  • Ensure you check the status and read the product description below carefully BEFORE purchasing this cheat!

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Splitgate Lynx - Day


About Splitgate Lynx - Day

:upvote: Instant delivery and access

:upvote: Lifetime customer support

:upvote: Integrated HWID spoofer







Supported OS

Windows 10 (1803 - 20H2)
Read our handy guide if you are on an unsupported version!

Supported CPU




Silent Aim
Aim FOV Slider




No Recoil
Melee Exploit
Infinite Gravity

  • Recent Customer Reviews

    • I highly recommend Apex Phoenix. Try it, it’s so much fun.

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    • I originally was having problems with the cheat however I was quickly pointed in the right direction to fix it. After problems on my end the owner was still lenient enough to give me an extension on my license. Excellent customer service and the cheat works extremely well, and am still yet to be detected using it. Would definitely recommend.

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    • Wanted to try out this site just for the fun of it. As far as the product itself, it works pretty well, the only problem i would say is the aimbot is a little weak when it comes to tracking enemys. ESP is great and the customization is nice; just doesnt stick after restarting. Overall i would say 9/10 will def buy again.

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    • I'd say its a great "aim trainer"(Gaming Chair) but don't use it on your main or else it'll get banned. It has a great menu interface and is easy to use. However, I'd like to recommend one thing. It would be neat if would be able to lock on to the neck. 

      Also, if you plan on using it, I would also recommend the spoofer.  It will make sure that you can keep on playing even after you've been banned.

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    • It is amazing. Much better than Onyx. Has a great Interface and is easy to use! I'd recommend getting the monthly spoofer. It is a great deal! 🤑


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    • It worked great and was really easy to use. Sadly it was discontinued from sale 😢

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    • Phoenix ch33to is amazing works like a charm sadly got perma banned with the Rust phoenix but it is what it is 8.5/10

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    • Best cheats money can buy, hwid spoofer is sexy AF and works well. BTW onyx a neek

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    • Tried out the rust gaming chair & it was absolutely amazing, i was using rage features e.g flight etc and went days until my sub ran out!, 

      10/10 service with absolutely outstanding products!, much love ♥

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    • This spoofer is the best for its price and just it being really good in general. I was worried at first because I had a problem but the staff helped me.

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